Aquatic Weed Harvester Specifications


Aquatic Weed Harvester Boat 


reKVR ‐ is the newest generation of a aquatic weed harvesters.  The reKVR is manufactured from aluminum, allowing it to be light, durable, and low operation maintenance. It can operate in a 10‐inch draft and carry more than 2000 pounds of product.

The reKVR utilizes its advanced hydraulics system for daily operations and a proven Kohler engine for its powerplant. It has inset aluminum paddle wheels, allowing the reKVR to maneuver close to docks and shorelines for efficient water cleanup. The reKVR can lower its cutting head down approximately 4 feet, allowing the cutting edges to harvest while utilizing the rear conveyor for an effective offloading.

The reKVR is built to be operated by a single operator from trailering to harvesting, allowing a low operation cost. The reKVR is made and assembled in America.

  • Width: 86”

  • Length: 211"

  • Height: 80"

  • Weight: approximately 2200 LBS

  • Cutting head depth: 48"

  • Eaton Hydraulics, 3‐year warranty

  • 15‐gallon aluminum hydraulic reservoir, using biodegradable and USF&W approved hydraulic fluid

  • Hydrogear paddlewheel propulsion, 2‐year warranty

  • Kohler PA‐ECH730‐3006, Kohler engines warranty

    • Horsepower: 23

    • Cooling: Air

    • Fuel Type: Gasoline/(optional) HP Propane

Trailer: Custom built for easy load and unload of the re KVR.

  • Width: 96”

  • Length: 22’

  • Weight: 800

  • Ball size: 2 5/16 "

    • Aluminum Turf Trailer: Trailer manufactured with aluminum instead of steel and adding turf tires, making it lite for sensitive grass

Tower Canopy: 40" wide collapsible canopy gives you protective shade and keeps you comfortably cool when working on the water.

  • Shade rotates 180°

  • Sturdy Frame: Zinc‐plated steel frame resists corrosion for added durability

  • Rain Protection: Canvas canopy is water‐resistant to keep you dry in wet weather

Lights: Adds two light bars (front and rear facing) that are marine grade lights and a larger battery for more power allowing operations in low lighted areas.

Stainless Steel Belting: Upgrading the standard galvanized conveyer belt to stainless steel.

Sound Reducer Enclosure: Sound reducing material is placed around the engine allowing quieter operations.

Herbicide Application Spray Kit: A polyethylene tank with a 12‐volt diaphragm pump can pump up to 2.1 gpm. Spray nozzles are added to the cutting head, allowing for herbicide spraying while operating the reKVR.


Aquatic Weed Harvester Boat 


8-Foot Wide – 6 Foot Deep Cutting Area

Eaton Hydraulic Motors Rock Guard Protected Cutting Teeth

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lines

260-Cubic-Foot Storage Capacity Hydraulically Retractable Paddle Wheels

Electronic Engine Control
All Steel Constructed Multi-Compartmental Hull


Non-Slip Decking

Devoe Devthane Marine Paint

Easily Trailerable

Tuff Coat Lower Hull Protection

Kubota 4-Cylinder Motor

Impact Absorbing Harvesting Head



Length (OAL)                  30′ – 6″

Width (Transport)           8′ – 6″

Width (Operating)         13′ – 0″

Height (Shipping)             8′ – 4″



Weight                              6900 lbs.

Hull Dimensions             21′ – 6″ x 8′ – 6″ x 20″

Water Tight Compart.             5

Draft (Empty)                           6″

Draft (Max. Load)                  20″


Load Container:

Length                               20′ – 6″

Width                                   4′ – 5″

Loading Height                  2′ – 8″

Maximum Volume Ht.      3′ – 6″

Maximum Weight             11,000 lbs.

Unloading Height               0-54″

– hydraulically adjusted

Unloading Speed                45 sec.


Power Pack:

Engine Kubota Water-cooled, 4 cyl. Model V1505 T E3B

Engine Specs. 44 HP Tier 4 Interim –  HP @ 3,000 RPM

Hydraulic Pump             33 GPM

Hydraulic Reservoir      21 US gal.

Fuel Tank Capacity       21 US gal.


Harvesting Head:

Cutting Width                      8′-0″

Cutting Depth                 to 6′-6″

Horizontal Knives                    3″

Vertical Knives                         3″

Hydraulic Reservoir      21 US gal.

Fuel Tank Capacity       21 US gal.



Dual Independently Reversible Paddle Wheels

Hydraulically Driven and Retractable  (DxW) 50″ x 24″ with Variable RPM


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